I am here.

Hello. I am Kathy Lamm.

I am an artist. A psychic. A medium. A healer. A Teacher. A student of Love and Life. I am a Conscious Living Coach & Spirit Connector.

I am passionate about helping people open-up to their own innate wisdom and knowledge by tapping into the spiritual energies that surround us, witnessing their awakening. Seeing people reclaim their own talents and gifts. My greatest joy is helping, and teaching people how they can connect with Spirit and tap into Universal energy to enhance their lives.

Healing and teaching are the focal point of all my work, I offer many different approaches to Personal Healing, Growth and Psychic Development. I am a Psychic Medium, Master Teacher and Intuitive Healer, trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thanatology, and Meditative Healing.

I assist clients in releasing old energies while bringing in new energy, to connect to their Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters and follow their intuition. My focus is to empower people by give people the tools so that they can reach their true potential and bring all of them into every aspect of their life. This is what I love doing and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with Spirit and see so many people begin their own journey bringing harmony and balance back into their life.

I use my psychic gifts and abilities, combined with Divine Knowing, empathy, communication with Archangels, Angels, Guides and Spirits to deliver information of healing energy from Spirit, to act as a Spiritual Guide and teacher and to facilitate the environment as co-creator of Spiritual Growth, opportunity and support for men and women everywhere.


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