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The only way to stay in flow is to let go.

Have you ever desperately desired to transform a difficult situation in your life and felt like you were struggling to keep your head above water? Found yourself swept away in the current of negative emotions, unable swim upstream in effort

Invoking the Pillar of Light

This daily meditation will ensure that you are connected to Spirit in all that you do. Its best to create a daily routine, possibly when you first wake up. You can also use it throughout your day if you feel

Witnessing Transformation

My greatest gift as a psychic and medium is to be witness to someone’s life transforming for the better. As a channel for Spirit I am simply a messenger for the highest good of my clients. I often convey that

Connecting with Loved Ones

During mediumship readings I often hear “I know my loved one’s energy is around. However, I haven’t felt them or had any signs. How do I connect with them?” Typically, it is us that block the connection, not our loved

I am here.

Hello. I am Kathy Lamm. I am an artist. A psychic. A medium. A healer. A Teacher. A student of Love and Life. I am a Conscious Living Coach & Spirit Connector. I am passionate about helping people open-up to

Just Breathe

You would think that something as simple and natural as breathing would be a no-brainer, right? Wrong!! Recently, I’ve seen a number of clients experiencing bouts of anxiety. This is not unusual as this new energy comes in and the