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Invoking the Pillar of Light

This daily meditation will ensure that you are connected to Spirit in all that you do. Its best to create a daily routine, possibly when you first wake up. You can also use it throughout your day if you feel

Witnessing Transformation

My greatest gift as a psychic and medium is to be witness to someone’s life transforming for the better. As a channel for Spirit I am simply a messenger for the highest good of my clients. I often convey that

Connecting with Loved Ones

During mediumship readings I often hear “I know my loved one’s energy is around. However, I haven’t felt them or had any signs. How do I connect with them?” Typically, it is us that block the connection, not our loved

I am here.

Hello. I am Kathy Lamm. I am an artist. A psychic. A medium. A healer. A Teacher. A student of Love and Life. I am a Conscious Living Coach & Spirit Connector. I am passionate about helping people open-up to

Just Breathe

You would think that something as simple and natural as breathing would be a no-brainer, right? Wrong!! Recently, I’ve seen a number of clients experiencing bouts of anxiety. This is not unusual as this new energy comes in and the