Connecting with Loved Ones

During mediumship readings I often hear “I know my loved one’s energy is around. However, I haven’t felt them or had any signs. How do I connect with them?”

Typically, it is us that block the connection, not our loved ones in Spirit. There are many reasons for this. In order to connect with the frequency of Spirit we must vibrate at a higher vibration. This is and isn’t a conscious choice. When we are dealing with earthly issues that cause: anxiety, fear, grief, remorse, etc. – all lower vibration emotions – it can be more challenging to connect. When you vibrate in a frequency of love, gratitude, altruism, hope, faith, empathy, etc. – higher vibration emotions – it is easier for the connection to be made.

We must rise to their frequency in order for contact. Over-thinking, trying too hard and self-doubt also blocks our ability to connect. Look for signs of their communication, such as: flickering lights; frequent sounds on the radio that remind you of them; their smell; finding objects that remind you of their presence like coins or feather; seeing symbols like birds; etc. These are their ways of showing you their presence. Be gentle with yourself. Have faith. And simply allow the Truth to be present.

❤️ Much Love!
~ Kathy


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