The only way to stay in flow is to let go.

Have you ever desperately desired to transform a difficult situation in your life and felt like you were struggling to keep your head above water? Found yourself swept away in the current of negative emotions, unable swim upstream in effort to reach positive change?

Perhaps you’re experiencing the challenges of a difficult, even toxic relationship. Maybe you work in an unfulfilling job where you don’t feel valued or have a dictator as a boss. Are you struggling with a health issue that you just can’t seem to overcome? Or, even still, find it difficult to achieve financial stability much less abundance.

The question isn’t whether you have or are currently experiencing these life challenges. The question is how do you handle them when you do.

At any given moment we have all experienced these obstacles where we’re left feeling like we have no control. The lack of control leaves us stuck in the emotions of anger, resentment, contempt, frustration, fear, and even hopelessness. We get caught up in the rapids of our thoughts and struggle to find solutions that change our outcome. It’s exhausting. Just a lot of busy mind work that keeps us spinning in a pool of negative emotions.

So, what do you do?

STOP – Stop thinking. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop pushing upstream to get back to where you were. Stop fighting.

BE – Be with what is in the present moment. Breathe. See what is currently available to you that enables you to make shifts. But don’t focus on the concerns of the future or the mistakes of the past.

LET GO – Let go of the negative emotions surrounding your frustration. They only serve to hurt you and no one else.

BE GRATEFUL – Gratitude is the most powerful energy that shifts and shapes positive results in your life. When concerns arise, stop and shift your thoughts to gratitude. Even the smallest acknowledgment of gratefulness offers huge shifts in our emotional being.

REFLECT – Reflect on the positive changes and shifts, no matter how small they might be, with gratitude.

These five simple practices will return you to a state of flow. Life will work itself out and you will begin to see and experience the support of the subtle energies around you.

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