Witnessing Transformation

My greatest gift as a psychic and medium is to be witness to someone’s life transforming for the better. As a channel for Spirit I am simply a messenger for the highest good of my clients. I often convey that I am not sharing anything that someone doesn’t already know. However, hearing the Truth from someone else often gives someone the strength, courage and ability to make the changes necessary to transform their lives into joyful, purposeful, realities.

This week I had a client stop by my office to give me an update since our reading. When I met her, she was very emotionally “heavy”. She was in relationship that she simply worked herself into and was then a couple years old. The guy she was with was a nice guy and everyone loved him. However, they were serving the needs of one another. She found herself very unhappy, unmotivated, and complacent. Whether out of guilt or fear, she had not been able to end the relationship.

It’s now been a couple months since our reading. When she stepped in my office this week, she was a different person! She was bright, happy, self-assured and living to her fullest potential. She had broken up with guy and was having fun dating new people. Her energy had been unbelievably transformed to the positive and her overall life improved.

Being witness to transformations like hers is what makes my work purposeful. I am eternally grateful to be here and be witness.

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