Just Breathe

You would think that something as simple and natural as breathing would be a no-brainer, right?


Recently, I’ve seen a number of clients experiencing bouts of anxiety. This is not unusual as this new energy comes in and the shift in consciousness and awareness grows. However, a concerning and common theme is most people stop breathing.

Stress and anxiety have negative and detrimental affects in the body mind and spirit. Bodies tense, breath shortens, less oxygen is distributed to the brain, making rational thoughts and decision making more challenging. Blood vessels constrict, muscles tighten, heart beats faster, blood pressure rises and the body’s vibrational frequency immediately drops. Emotional balance is disrupted by the body’s imbalance. Patience and compassion shallow. Irritability and intolerance heighten.

When stress and anxiety hit, it’s important to remember to breathe, to focus on your breath – this conscious action will ground and center you immediately. It will raise your vibrational frequency and decreases the trauma caused to the body by stress.

When was the last time you monitored your breath?

Pay attention and remember… Just breathe!!

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